As a small team of two we had to redesign and reposition the citizens project called “Bürgerkarte” from a dry, unknown project to a vision everyone could relate to. Therefore a new strategy had to be developed from the ground up including the visual language for an awareness campaign.

*The “Bürgerkarte” is a project with the goal to support the local and regional economy. With businesses and their customers’ purchasing power, money is being collected and distributed within the same region to support projects as well as boost the local economy.


We had to develop a campaign and strategy for three different audiences connected to the project: the general public, investors and funding projects. Those mediums and channels had to be easy to understand, inspire to participate and also attract attention.


First of all we renamed the project to "WirKarte" which not only creates a new perception but also sets a common goal. By using four striking colours and a very characteristic font the project is unmistakably recognisable. A consistent picture language of one or multiple hands expresses a sense of community. Striking comparisons between the amount of purchases needed to fund a specific project makes the concept tangible. Simplified processes and easy to read explanations of the project along with the right presentation make it much easier than before to get involved.

Two posters of repositioning strategy with slogan
Flyer and costumer card of repositioning strategy
Flyer with mobile app of repositioning strategy
Various screens of the mobile app of the repositioning strategy
Flyer of the repositioning strategy
Flyer of the repositioning strategy
Flyer of the repositioning strategy

The team & the role I play in it

Design is always team work. My team partner and I managed all skills and tasks needed for this project: Editorial Design, Graphic Design, User Experience, User Interface Design and (UX) Copywriting to name a few. 

Jonas Schosser

Editorial Design, Graphic Design, UX, UI and (UX) Copywriting, etc.


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