Since this project was more of an experiment, the specification was to create the design of a fictional brand based on a calculated system. Therefore the overall design had to be coherent in itself and make perfect sense within the developed framework.


For the reason that every design element had to be a derivation of the system, the formula or rather principle had to work on several levels and elements. These not only had to make sense within the framework but also create a harmonic look and feel.


I came up with the Fibonacci number known from the Golden Ratio for the base formula. Therefore I took the numbers 8 and 13 from the Fibonacci sequence and the ratio of 1.61 from the Golden Ratio. With only these requirements I was able to generate a coherent system for the fictional brand “Wingman”. Beginning with a composition of circles that not only formed the pattern for the figurative mark but also generated the overall grid for the layout and further icons. Always derived from my base formula I could define colours, spacings and lastly the logo itself. As a result “Wingman” evolved into a harmonic and coherent Brand Design.

Illustrations and icons of the system based Brand Design
Flyer of the system based Brand Design
Flyer of the system based Brand Design
Done product of the system based Brand Design
Grid for layout of the system based Brand Design
Website of the system based Brand Design
Mobile app game of the system based Brand Design

The team & the role I play in it

On this project I worked on my own. Therefore I managed all skills and tasks needed: A bit of mathematics, the Illustrations, Editorial Design, 3D, User Interface Design and much more.

Even though I worked alone, I had great creative exchange with fellow designers. Big thanks to all the talented people who gave support to this project.


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