Together with my fellow student Max Kutschker we looked for a solution to better handle the overstimulation and life in abundance of todays western society. LittleLess is the product of our Bachelor-Thesis that was focused in particular on the design principles structure, contrast and reduction and their impact on the Usability as well as the User Experience.


Within about 4 Months we had to develop the concept, design and prototype that should offer an interesting new approach on the problem at hand. Moreover while preserving the most minimal look as possible we had to ensure a good Usability.


We created the app LittleLess that offers the user a variety of short challenges which can be easily integrated in everyday life. Each challenge can be played alone or in multiplayer by challenging a friend. While playing a challenge the user takes a photo from the before and after scenario which also visualises their progress. The humorous wording and parts of gamification like the ranking between friends that indicates who has reduced the most items, keep the user motivated and engaged. Minimalism is the foundation of the app LittleLess. Therefore the User Interface and interactions were kept as simple and reduced as possible while creating an unique User Experience. This expands into the functionality as already played challenges disappear till the app ultimately reduces itself. In addition we developed a framework based on the three design principles structure, contrast and reduction that provides a consistent process for the content creation of new challenges.

UX UI of various mobile app screens
UX UI of various webpages
UX UI of two mobile app screens

The team & the role I play in it

Design is always team work. My team partner and I managed all skills and tasks needed for this project: User Experience, User Interface Design, (UX) Copywriting, Content creation, Animations and Prototyping to name a few. 

Max Kutschker

UX, UI, Copywriting, Content creation, Prototyping, etc.


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