Landes Jazz Festival


As a team we had to develop a website for the “Landes Jazz Festival 2019” in Ravensburg, Germany. Incorporating all requirements for the festival like a list of their acts, locations and tickets. Moreover the design had to be build upon a previous Corporate Design that was originally intended for print products.


We had to enhance the existing Corporate Design to create the User Interface. Along with an exciting and intuitive User Experience, the website had to catch a fairly large target group from young families to people near retirement. Whilst highlighting the characteristics of the event with the soul of jazz in its foundation.


With the focus on the festivals’ essential features, we developed three menus: "Künstler", "Locations" and "Programm" with the addition of purchasing a ticket. By reducing the sitemap to only a few items, the website got more intuitive and therefore easy to use for the diverse target group. Many micro interactions and animations keep the user engaged and support the liveliness of jazz.

UX UI of various webpages
UX UI of various mobile webpages

The team & the role I play in it

Design is always team work. As part of the team I worked on the User Experience, Interface Design, animations and content creation for this project. Big thanks to all the talented people who made this project so much fun and successful:

Patrick Jerg

UX, UI, Prototyping, Content creation

Erik Schereder

UX, UI, Animations, Content creation

Jonas Schosser

UX, UI, Content creation


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