Dream Finance


This assignment was fairly unrestricted. In a team of four people we had to create a new or refine an existing interface. The focus here was on a great User Experience and User Interface Design.


Our team had chosen to create a modern finance app. In only a short timeframe we had to look at current finance apps on the market. Also of course we analysed their structure and features. Therefore based on the research, we had to develop a new UX & UI with future-proof functionalities and an appropriate design that is intuitive to use.


We came up with three main pillars that a young audience is looking for when it comes to finances: An overview of their finances, a tool to make easy and fast transactions and to manage a savings plan. An all in one solution. Everything has to be as simple and transparent as possible. 

UX UI of various mobile app screens
UX UI of various mobile app screens
UX UI of mobile app screen and smartwatch screen
UX UI of tablet app screen
UX UI of various mobile app screens

The team & the role I play in it

Design is always team work. As part of the team I worked on the User Experience and Interface Design for this project. Big thanks to all the talented people who made this project so much fun and successful: 

Patrick Jerg

UX, UI, Prototyping

Till Klostermeier


Jonas Schosser



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